Localization, Translation, Web development in English and French.

Hello, my name is Pierre.

I offer translation, localization and web development services.

Certified translator and developer, I can help your structure grow and can work on many different multilingual projects.

Specialised in web communication, I have many years of professional experience acquired in various companies.


Translation and localization of entire web sites for French speaking countries, strategic analysis, creation of website specification, hosting and backup management, ongoing maintenance.

I know the French legislation on website creation and maintenance. I also use on a day to day basis various softwares. I also know multiple web and programming languages.

According to the requirements of the projects, I work alone or surround myself with translators, web developers, reviewers and proofreaders.

Localization of all types of resources, web pages, softwares, video games, content creation.


Licensed translator (master's degree), I have been translating from English to French for many years.

I specialise in:

Freelance translator, I have had the opportunity to work for various structures on many different projects.

My experience and technical skills enable me to take care of all the aspects of your translation project up to a ready to distribution standard (documentation, terminology, translation, reviewing, desktop publishing, photo manipulation, proofreading, market intelligence, ...)

To ensure a product of the highest quality, all my translations are subjected to review and proofreading by both machines and professionals.


Licensed developer (bachelor's degree) I have been in charge of many web communication projects. Through my previous employments and missions, I have acquired a set of skills useful to improve your structure's image on internet and beyond.

Thanks to my professional experience in communication, I can create a website that will act as an instrument to fulfill your objectives.

Depending on the project requirements, I can create a fully functional website or set up a strategy, assist you during the creation process, help you choose the right technologies and functionalities to suit your structure and at the right cost. On the projects that require it, I work with other web developers, integrators and designers.


  • French : native
  • English : fluent
  • Spanish : good level

  • HTML - Certification in 2018
  • CSS - Certification in 2018
  • JAVASCRIPT - Certification in 2018
  • PHP
  • Photoshop
  • GIMP
  • Indesign
  • Scribus
  • Illustrator
  • Inkscape
  • OmegaT
  • Windows
  • Microsoft Office
  • Libre office